My name is Mohsin and I like DC comics and Manga (specifically Naruto and One piece). I like using YouTube and I have many favourite youtubers such as Philip DeFranco (Sxephil), Vlogbrothers, Sawyer7mage, Toby Turner, if you know who they are are then that means you're awesome. DFTBA. And enjoy!!!




All the #GangstaBroadway tweets are dedicated to the teachers that thought Twitter would never amount to nothing. If you don’t know, now you know, one of these tweets will be crowned king on tonight’s @midnight.

Drive By Birdie tho.

LOL that’s Ross Everett from Sourcefed, he left now but he was a writer for the comedy sketches so it makes sense

This song and the video to it is just so sick (cool …)

It’s like magic…

okay dudes I was kinda scared that it will spill over but yeah kinda cool to do